Tips to clean the stroller for your baby easily

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Stroller for baby now seem to become ore and more popular, it is considered as an indispensable item in the house where there are children. This article would share with mothers the knowledge of hygiene for baby stroller.

Nowadays, choosing a good stroller is quite easy due to many lightweight stroller reviews on the market. But after a long time using, the stroller would be quite dirty. Then, cleaning it becomes a hard work for most of mothers. However, cleaning stroller for children is actually not too difficult, if mothers could clean them properly, it takes only 15 – 20 minutes to clean all the parts of the stroller spotless, but in reality, the vast majority of mothers have not yet focused on this problem or do not know how to disassemble and clean each part completely. To clean the stroller well, mums should follow these 3 simple steps :

Step 1 : Clean the wheels of the stroller

The wheels of the stroller could be considered as one of the first dirty parts that need to be cleaned. After walking out for a long time, mud and dirt could be stick into the axle of the wheel and may cause corrosion. So mothers should clean the wheels of the stroller first before thinking of cleaning the next parts.
Mothers could use sprinkler and spray heavily in both 4-wheel system of the stroller to clean the dirt and the soil sticking on the wheel. Then, use a scrub brush to wash the wheels strongly to remove all dust and dirt clinging to the wheel cleft. And finally, use a wet cloth to clean all parts around the wheels once more time.

Step 2 : Clean the mattress and belts of the stroller

Sheltered parts of the stroller could be cleaned by a brush and shaking off all dust and dirt. With other parts of the stroller such as mattress and belts, mothers should take it out of the stroller, and then wash them with washing machine. However, with low quality strollers, instead of using machine, it is better to wash by hands. And these type of stroller are usually made of inferior fabric, if using machine, they could be ruffled or wrinkled.

Step 3 : Clean the frame and serving tray of the stroller

After cleaning two parts above, mother could continue to clean the frame and serving tray. With removable serving tray, mother have to focus on washing it because food trays are important parts to serve food and drinking water so mother should clean them without using any chemicals. At this stage, children is still young and very vulnerable, washing parts of baby food containers with chemical cleaners if one of the most common mistakes that some mothers usually meet.
Mother also take attention on the frame of the stroller. It could be wash all the dust and dirt by a soft wet cloth. As usually, the frame of the stroller is made of aluminum alloy as well as steel allow. So, if regularly exposed to chemicals, there would be oxidation and corrosion so mothers should not use chemical cleaners to clean the frame.

These 3 steps above could help mothers in the hygiene of the stroller effectively and simply. Mother should clean the stroller once every 6 months. What is more, stroller should not be parked at the wet areas. The mattress fabric, seat belts and the roof would be easily moldy. Besides, the frame and the axle would rust easily.