8 Steps To Choose Fitting Helmet

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It is necessary when buying a motorcycle helmet to make sure that it is a right decision. Not all helmets are performed similarly. So keep in mind when you are reading that you can wear a medium helmet from a manufacturer and a high from another. The truth is that if a manufacturer called medium, a different manufacturer called high, although they are similar in size or they belong to the list of top motorcycle helmets.  For reasons of safety and comfort, it is mandatory to obtain the appropriate helmet for his head.

Thinking about buying motorcycle helmets?  The Manufacturer won’t label size for granted unless you want to make a second trip to the motorcycle dealers. Here is a list of the essential steps you should take in determining the right size for your head.

  1. The measurement is the first step for determining helmet fit your head. However, this is a rough guide and a beginning step, and depending on the shape of your head, this step can not provide a perfect fit.
  • You should measure head from the top of your eyebrows (about ½-1 inch above) then measure from the back of your head to the top of your ears. Then, you choose the biggest measurement result.  Get many measurements, to ensure that you have one of the largest measurement.
  • Using the measure of the fabric is the best                                                                                                                    helmets

2. Hat Size – Using your hat size as a starting point in determining the size motorcycle helmet

3. You should try to choose a motorcycle helmet measurement based on the size of your head and helmet. Most helmets have been printed on the tag or the diameter sizing in the helmet, capsize, or both.

4. Now you try a helmet on your head, it’s time for visual inspection

  • Your eyes should stay around the center, with the above edge of the lining just top of eyebrows
  • In the moment, you’re wearing a helmet and look at mirror carefully. You should check again if the cheek pads get in touch the cheek. Is it excess compression on the cheek? Searching blanks between the temples and forehead pads. Especially, you must check behind of the helmet carefully because this  is a place  where the roll gets in touch with the neck. Does it hit at all? Or is it thrust the helmet to the back, making it roll down on the eyes ahead?

5. After checking by your visual, put the helmet in your hands and try to gyrate it. Pay attention to any motion of the skin while you are doing this, as well as an amount of drag. You make sure that your head  is kept steadily  to do this.

Then, you keep moving down and up, again please observe the movement of the skin. If you can move your head freely to each side without the movement of the helmet, it is too large. A motorcycle helmet is fitted the right way will make the general vicinity of the skin such as the motion of helmet. And, you will realize that the pressure of being distributed evenly around the head. Therefore, it is best to choose a helmet that is as snug as possible.

Ex:  A structural racer’s helmet is very closely because racer only wears it for some minutes. However, a policeman will more concerned with comfort because they wear a helmet for a long time.

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6. Keeping check – this test is very important. Do up the chin belt, so you may test it. Then the belts were fastened, you must ensure that your head is kept steadily, and note that this test will give you the feeling of discomfort, but it is an important step. Wearing helmet, insert your finger into between chin and strap. Next, taking the helmet off your head. If it has much free space, it is definitely too big. You should not use a helmet which could be retrieved with a belt fastened! Go to the next smaller size and go back to step 4.

7. Confirm right. If you want to confirm assessment which is a proper fit, you can test motorcycle helmets which are one size smaller and one size bigger than the one you select is correct. Remember that people usually note to bigger sizes, so don’t be worry about going smaller and snugger as long as the helmet is relaxative and fits your type of car.

8. When buying motorcycle helmets on the Internet, you should buy from sites which have a size chart for the helmet. Do not depend on a “catch-all” sizing chart because as noted above, the size varies from the manufacturer. The size chart should have the head circumference and may be a comparable size caps. If you still do not trust, you should buy at local stores.

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