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Which one in this electric scooter review is your perfect option: wheelchair, rollator or mobility scooter?

November 15, 2015

Today the continuous equipment improvement especially the medical device development has become one of the great solutions for people who meet difficulty in standing and moving regarding disablement, age, disease and injury. It can help these people regain the freedom to do the normal activities like others. For this advantage, on the market, the manufacturers have produced a large number of modern products so it has caused more or less difficulty for customers that means they do not know which vehicle is the most appropriate option. Hopefully, this article will help them have the most accurate decision for their dynamic life – wheelchair, rollator or mobility scooter.

If you just use in a short time, this is not important. However, once you determine to utilize in a long period, it is very essential for you to know your specific situation in order to select the fit means in this Black Friday electric scooter or Christmas 2015 season, collected by

You can refer to the following vehicle and its concrete features in this electric scooter review to know which one is the best to you:

  • Wheelchairwheelchari

It is divided into two kinds of categories: manual and electric. Electric wheelchairs have quite many the outstanding pros because of running by power. The most noteworthy ability is that it is able to support the movement of people almost automatically without taking too much effort. That does not mean the manual wheelchairs do not get any strength, actually it has its own strong points. In case you would like to find a light wheelchair in order to store easily and conveniently for your trips especially to save budget, this will be your perfect choice. In addition, it can provide one more benefit about psychology for users that is they will feel more self-contained when controlling the manual wheelchair by themselves.

  • Rollatorrollator

It is also a quite common selection for people who get obstacles in standing and moving. Be inspired from the standard walker so it has the advantage in seat, wheels, brakes and the like. A good number of experts believe that its remarkable feature is to maneuver and utilize easier than a normal walker.

  • Mobility scooter

mobility scooter

The most popular means is still the mobility scooter. This product has both the three-wheels model and the four-wheels model with the similar profits to the electric wheelchair – the users do not also need to spend too much effort for making its movement. However, it is preferred due to it is designed the extra bottom heavy frame which supplies for mobility scooter a low turning radius. In addition, according to a great many experts, its huge tires are able to bring the trips easier and more stable than the electric wheelchair.

Now with the modern improved technological methods, these means support everyone not only move from place to place but take part in a mass of different sports such as downhill racing by wheelchair, basketball and skiing thanks to their speed improvement as well.


Reasons for the Best carry on backpack for travel instead of hiking bag

November 15, 2015

Are you planning for going for a tour in the upcoming vacation? Then, there must need a good backpack that you can use. In this case, there will be a lot of option to purchase for the traveling backpack. The backpackers will always need a perfect bag in order to carry the things. If you do not understand, we are here to give you the best carry on backpack suggestions for your trip.


You must need to be sure that you are okay with the backpack. Some of the backpacker prefers to buy the normal hiking bags in the travel. However, this is not the right way to pack for your travel. Moreover, this is not dual option that you can save your money by buying or using hiking bags. There are several adverse situations that you can face if you use hiking bags that are followed-

  • First of all, the hiking bags are full of padded designs. The design of the bag will depend on the perfection and mountain troubles. As a result, the extra padded design will never help you in the traveling days.
  • Secondly, there are hardly any different compartments in the hiking bags. For that reason, you will face trouble to find out your cloths and other stuffs in the bag. Therefore, you will need to be sure that you are okay with the bag. If you like a well organized packing, then, hiking backpacks will surely spoil of your mood of traveling.
  • This is really difficult to pack in the hiking bags because of the design. Most of the hiking bags are long and narrow enough to hold the things. As a result, you will need to keep the things in the middle of the bag. For that reason, this will not promote the packing performance of the travel. In fact, you will find it hard to carry the things in the bag.
  • There are no side pockets, only available in fewer designs. For that reason, this will be really a problem to find and keep the small items safe.
  • At last, you will face trouble because of its top closing design. Therefore, the hostel backpackers will not prefer or feel comfortable to use the hiking backpacks for traveling.

In this case, you will need to sure about buying the best travel backpack (by Click Here)instead of hiking bags. Of course, there are different things that you will need to think for the backpacks too!

You will need to consider the backpack that comes with padded shoulder straps (wheels if possible). On the other hand, this will also provide you a good way to pack because of its different compartments design. The zipper quality should be good enough along with dual system. As a result his will help you to close and use lockers on the zipper very easily. Don’t forget about the lightweight feature because the weight will increase when you push your cloths and other stuffs for traveling.

So, these are the reasons of not choosing the hiking backpack for your upcoming traveling days. There are different disadvantages that will surely give you a plus point. In this case, you will need to think about the negative sides so that you can feel comfortable and better. Therefore, you should consider the facts properly and buy the best carry on backpack for travel instead of using a hiking backpack. Otherwise, you will surely face trouble in the traveling and feel unsecure because of insecurity condition of your stuffs.


I’m not with them: does family vacation mean fight time for you and yours? Try these tips for a trauma-free trip (part 2)

November 15, 2015

All by Myself

Privacy can be another big issue on vacation, especially if you spend most of your homelife on the opposite side of the bedroom door from the rest of your family. Plan some downtime–in the form of a solitary walk, a swim, or even just bonding with your MP3 player–as part of your daily routine. Also, be prepared to negotiate with your parents to get time away from the crowd. “If Mom and Dad want a romantic dinner out, you can say, ‘I’ve got the younger kids covered, but afterward, can you drop me off at the movie theater?'” suggested Kendrick.

don't worry, be happy

Bargaining skills can also be critical to maintaining contact with your pals back home. Arrange with your parents to make one phone call a day to a friend. “The knowledge that you can stay in touch and share the misery is a big thing,” joked Kendrick.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

As much as anything else, your overall attitude will determine how much you enjoy the trip. Keep your spirits high by inventing games or other diversions that everyone can participate in. The more amusing and bizarre the activity, the better, claims Kendrick. For example, have your family members pretend to be traveling circus performers. Come up with witty dialogue you can repeat at the next rest stop to baffle those around you. The “total weirdness” of this game makes it a favorite with many teens, Kendrick said.

What if, despite your best efforts, your parents still insist on babying you the whole time? Try a little sympathy. “What you’ve got to understand about parents,” said Brott, “is that they are going through separation anxiety. They want to maintain a relationship [with you], which they know is changing, and it’s hard to let go.”

But no matter how bad it gets, advised Vizzini, remember that you are not alone. “Everybody else has a family that’s just as weird as yours.”Friend with teen

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is … the pits. You’re spending three weeks at the lake while all of your friends are together back home. “When teens are away from their peers in the summer, the hang-out time, the parties, are all more intense emotionally,” said therapist Carleton Kendrick. “Those who are away go into a real deprivation mode.”

Here are a few ways to cope.

Bring a friend with you. “Teens want and need a friend along on vacation, if only so they can mutually roll their eyes at one another,” Kendrick told CH.

Stay in touch. Writer Armin Brott suggested negotiating with your parents for a daily phone call or “an hour or two of computer time” while on a trip. Be prepared to give something in return. Did you leave a boyfriend or girlfriend behind? Even more reason to reach for the phone. “Parents need to remember what it was like when they were adolescents, and how important it was to keep in daily contact with their significant other,” said Kendrick.

Make vacation friends. OK, but what if you fall head over heels for the boy (or the girl) in the cabin next door? “There’s something about unfamiliar surroundings that makes everything seem more exciting and everyone more attractive,” noted Brott. Keep in mind, however, that the end of summer often means the end of those relationships, because long-distance romances can be difficult to maintain.

I’m not with them: does family vacation mean fight time for you and yours? Try these tips for a trauma-free trip (part 1)

November 15, 2015

Quick–what do you dread most? A bad hair day? Dropping lunch all over yourself in the cafeteria? How about going on vacation … with your parents?

Family time

With spring break and summer holidays on the horizon, chances are good that you’ll be crammed with the clan into a plane, train, or automobile for hours of travel. And that’s just the beginning. Some of you will be coerced into visits to museums, antiques shops, and other places about which you couldn’t care less. Even worse, you may be subjected to a complete lack of privacy and little contact with the civilized world (a.k.a. your friends) for days on end!

“Being with your family on trips is just embarrassing,” said Ned Vizzini, the author of Teen Angst? Naaah…. a book of humorous essays about adolescent life. Is it any wonder that some kids would rather retake final exams than endure a family vacation?

Vacations don’t have to be that way, experts assured Current Health. There are a number of simple things that you can do to make this year’s family trip more fun than fiasco.

I Will Survive

First things first: Do your research. “Before they go, teens should make good use of the Internet,” advised Armin Brott, a Web columnist and the author of several parenting books. “Take a proactive role. Find cool stuff to do,” Brott told CH. “Present options that are reasonable, and most parents’ jaws will drop to the floor.”

Family therapist Carleton Kendrick of Boston agrees. “Teens need to get involved in where they’re going and how their time is spent. One of the complaints I hear most from older teens is ‘[My parents] treat me like a child. I have things I’d like to do.'”

Such as? That’s for you to figure out, said Kendrick. Get information on local attractions that interest you–amusement parks, shopping malls, movie theaters, hiking trails, whatever. Then draw up a plan that spells out what you’d like to do and when you’d like to do it.

If your family isn’t the planning type, you can negotiate side trips as the vacation unfolds. For instance, if you and your family are taking a long car trip, you might use a younger sibling’s impatience to your advantage. Your parents don’t want to hear your brother whine “Are we there yet?” any more than you do. Rescue them. “Help out by stepping in, humoring him, maybe playing a game,” recommended Kendrick. Then ask your folks for that side trip in exchange for making things easier for everyone.

Passport to profit: summer heralds a boom in the tourism trade – Part 2

November 11, 2015

travel canadaFurther east, this month’s 10-day Calgary Stampede beat all attendance records, herding 1.7 million visitors through the turnstiles. For many sojourners, however, the mountains are the biggest attraction. “We drove through the mountains and back again and I loved every moment,” said 26-year-old Scottish tourist Jennifer Field, gazing towards the Rockies from the top of the Calgary Tower. “It was even more beautiful than I imagined.” Sharing the view were M. S. Narayan, 66, and his wife Uma, 50, from Bangalore in southern India. “In India, you often hear that Canada is such a beautiful place,” said Uma. “We love every corner of it.”

For most tourists, the country’s major cities are as much a draw as the great outdoors.

“It really is impressive how clean the cities are,” says Texan David Byboth, a computer engineer who was spending a week with friends in Vancouver. “And you don’t feel like someone’s going to come up behind you and mug you, like you do all the time in Dallas.”

Fully a third of all overseas trips to Canada last year included a stop in Toronto. About 23 million visitors are expected this year, making the city Canada’s most popular destination. Local boosters squeezed every ounce of promotional potential from a report in last November’s Fortune magazine that rated Toronto as the No. 1 city in the world in which to live and work.

Less trumpeted is Montreal’s continuing appeal to travellers. On sunny summer days in the heart of Old Montreal, Place Jacques Cartier is filled with tourists, vendors and, on one recent afternoon, the soulful sound of a bus- ker’s saxophone. “I like the cafes and the little art galleries,” says Pete Diomede, 53, a carpenter from Staten Island, N.Y. Two hours west, in Ottawa, 49-year-old Bob Frizzell from Edmonton was exploring Parliament Hill with his wife, Mary, and their two children: “We came because it’s important for us and our children to see the national capital.”

While international travellers account for most of the growth in tourism, Canadians still account for the bulk of the industry’s business. The country’s tourism deficit-the shortfall between the amount spent by Canadians outside the country and the amount spent here by foreigners-fell to $4 billion last year from about $8 billion in 1992. Fierce competition and price wars in the domestic airline industry have encouraged more travel within Canada, especially in the West. But nothing has kept Canadian dollars at home more than their meagre value compared with the American greenback. “Frankly, I’m happy to keep the dollar where it is-forever,” says Hotel Association of Canada president Tony Pollard, whose industry derives 20 per cent of its revenues from international travellers.

Canadians’ appetite for travel appears certain to expand in the coming years.

A recent report by the Conference Board of Canada predicted that tourism spending will more than double by 2010, hitting $25 billion. One reason for the projected increase: the financial windfall baby boomers can expect over the next two decades from inherited wealth. Growing prosperity in Asia and Latin America should also fuel a steady increase in overseas travel, ensuring tourism’s status as the world’s fastest-growing industry.

Determined to attract its share of that business, the federal government joined forces with the country’s travel industry in 1994 to create the Canadian Tourism Commission, an organization responsible for improving the marketing of Canada at home and overseas. Since then, Ottawa’s budget for promoting Canadian travel has soared from about $20 million to $65 million this year. The industry kicks in another $70 million. The CTC has developed separate marketing strategies for the United States, Europe, Asia, business travellers and the rapidly growing ecotourism market. Last week, Industry Minister John Manley announced a $500-million loan fund for companies planning to open or expand hotels and tourist attractions outside of major urban centres. CTC chairman Judd Buchanan named British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, Ontario’s Niagara wine region and Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island as areas that could become major destinations with resorts, hiking trails and other new facilities. For increasingly sophisticated international travellers, fake waterfalls are no longer enough.

WHERE THEY’RE COMING FROM: Annual increase in tourists visiting Canada, for three months ending March 31 (selected countries of origin)

  • Mexico 33%
  • United Kingdom 28
  • Hong Kong 20
  • South Korea 15
  • Japan 11
  • Italy 6.6
  • Taiwan 6.6
  • Australia 5.8
  • United States 5.3
  • France 2.8

Passport to profit: summer heralds a boom in the tourism trade – Part 1

November 11, 2015


Canada has become the 10th most popular tourist destination in the world. The completion of the bridge between Prince Edward Island and the mainland has increased tourism in Eastern Canada. Events such as the Summit of the Sea are also attracting visitors.

Holidays to Canada

Full Text:

It may not be one of Canada’s scenic wonders, but the fake waterfall in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto elicited appreciative stares last week from a weary group of middle-aged Japanese tourists. Nearby, a young Spanish couple browsed leisurely through a gift shop, while two-dozen British travellers lined up by the main door to board a tour bus. Sanjay Gupta, an Indian expatriate who now lives in Memphis, Tenn., relaxed in a hotel arm- chair, relishing the cosmopolitan spectacle and savoring his first glimpses of Canada. “I’m pretty excited,” said the 28-year-old marketing manager. “Anyone I’ve met who’s been to Canada goes on and on about it.”

The word seems to be getting around.

From sea to shining sea this summer, for- eign travellers are pumping billions of dollars into the country’s tourism industry. Thanks to favorable exchange rates, a major marketing push and the buoyant U.S. economy, the number of American visitors to Canada rose 2.1 per cent in the first five months of the year over the same period a year earlier. But the hottest trend by far is the increase in overseas visitors. Since 1994, Canada has moved from 12th place to 10th among the world’s most popular tourist destinations, placing it just behind Poland. Almost half the record $12.1 billion that tourists spent in Canada last year came from countries other than the United States. “It’s looking like a really good year right across the board,” says Debra Ward, president of the Ottawa-based Tourism Industry Association of Canada.

Atlantic Canada, often the last to see boom times, is enjoying a banner sea- son.

Celebrations all year marking the 500th anniversary of John Cabot’s dis- covery of Newfoundland are expected to attract an extra 60,000 visitors to the province, bringing the total to 360,000. The Matthew, a carefully crafted reproduction of Cabot’s ship, is drawing large crowds at each of its 17 stops around the province. Festivals are bursting out everywhere. As well as the customary bake-apple fairs and salmon shindigs, there are “come-home” events this summer in 40 communities across the province. In September, the Summit of the Sea-16 separate conferences related to the world’s oceans-will give a major boost to St. John’s convention trade. “There are just so many events overlapping that, no matter where you go, you can find something to do,” says Cathy Duke, executive director of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador, an industry association. “It’s just a tremendous year for us.”

Prince Edward Island’s new, 12.9-km link to the mainland has also spurred Eastern Canada’s tourist trade.

“There’s a steady line of traffic across that bridge,” says Don Cudmore, executive director of the province’s Tourism Industry Association. All told, the Island is attracting an estimated 25-per-cent more visitors, most of them day-trippers from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. And the bridge itself has become one of the area’s biggest tourist attractions. “A lot of people never thought it would happen in their lifetime, so they want to see it,” says Carl Nicholson, manager of New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, one of the province’s largest lobster restaurants.

In the West, Asian tourists comprise the fastest-growing group of visitors. An increase in Japan’s goods and services tax last spring is blamed for a drop in package tours from that country, but Taiwan and South Korea are picking up the slack. Individual travel from Japan is also up, says Mark Andrew, general man- ager of Vancouver’s Hyatt Regency Hotel and chairman of the Greater Vancouver Visitors and Convention Bureau. The city expects a record eight million tourists this year, up from 7.6 million in 1996. “When it gets sunny, it’s just insanely busy,” says Ich Diochee, assistant manager of Earl’s On Top, a popular downtown eatery.

Tips to clean the stroller for your baby easily

November 10, 2015

Stroller for baby now seem to become ore and more popular, it is considered as an indispensable item in the house where there are children. This article would share with mothers the knowledge of hygiene for baby stroller.

Nowadays, choosing a good stroller is quite easy due to many lightweight stroller reviews on the market. But after a long time using, the stroller would be quite dirty. Then, cleaning it becomes a hard work for most of mothers. However, cleaning stroller for children is actually not too difficult, if mothers could clean them properly, it takes only 15 – 20 minutes to clean all the parts of the stroller spotless, but in reality, the vast majority of mothers have not yet focused on this problem or do not know how to disassemble and clean each part completely. To clean the stroller well, mums should follow these 3 simple steps :

Step 1 : Clean the wheels of the stroller

The wheels of the stroller could be considered as one of the first dirty parts that need to be cleaned. After walking out for a long time, mud and dirt could be stick into the axle of the wheel and may cause corrosion. So mothers should clean the wheels of the stroller first before thinking of cleaning the next parts.
Mothers could use sprinkler and spray heavily in both 4-wheel system of the stroller to clean the dirt and the soil sticking on the wheel. Then, use a scrub brush to wash the wheels strongly to remove all dust and dirt clinging to the wheel cleft. And finally, use a wet cloth to clean all parts around the wheels once more time.

Step 2 : Clean the mattress and belts of the stroller

Sheltered parts of the stroller could be cleaned by a brush and shaking off all dust and dirt. With other parts of the stroller such as mattress and belts, mothers should take it out of the stroller, and then wash them with washing machine. However, with low quality strollers, instead of using machine, it is better to wash by hands. And these type of stroller are usually made of inferior fabric, if using machine, they could be ruffled or wrinkled.

Step 3 : Clean the frame and serving tray of the stroller

After cleaning two parts above, mother could continue to clean the frame and serving tray. With removable serving tray, mother have to focus on washing it because food trays are important parts to serve food and drinking water so mother should clean them without using any chemicals. At this stage, children is still young and very vulnerable, washing parts of baby food containers with chemical cleaners if one of the most common mistakes that some mothers usually meet.
Mother also take attention on the frame of the stroller. It could be wash all the dust and dirt by a soft wet cloth. As usually, the frame of the stroller is made of aluminum alloy as well as steel allow. So, if regularly exposed to chemicals, there would be oxidation and corrosion so mothers should not use chemical cleaners to clean the frame.

These 3 steps above could help mothers in the hygiene of the stroller effectively and simply. Mother should clean the stroller once every 6 months. What is more, stroller should not be parked at the wet areas. The mattress fabric, seat belts and the roof would be easily moldy. Besides, the frame and the axle would rust easily.


November 8, 2015
The UK boasts excellent research in nanoscience conducted at world-leading universities with more than 1,500 researchers working in this field UK-wide. A significant increase in government support for nanotechnology research has resulted in such initiatives as the new University Innovation Centre in Microsystems and Nanotechnology at the Universities of Newcastle and Durham, and the Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations (IRCs). In addition to the $33 million (� million) in research funding committed to the IRCs, the UK Government announced in 2003 it would dedicate $164 million (� million) over the next six years toward nanotechnology R&D, collaborative research, and commercialization. The Government expects the investment will also secure additional industry and regional spending anticipated to exceed $370 million (�0 million).

Electronic Communication and Informatics

The potential for nanotechnology in the Information and Communications Technology area is huge. Areas of interest include photonic crystals and integrated circuits, quantum information processing and quantum structure electronic devices as well as semiconductor nanostructures. The UK has high-quality research in this area. Optoelectronics are effectively the flagship of the nanotechnology sector in the UK, followed by optical communications. Additionally, industry is well-supported by a strong R&D base throughout the UK.

  • Nanodevices: Life as We Know It, Only Much Smaller : Armed with new instrumentation, and a growing understanding of molecular motors, UK scientists believe they are closing in on the ability to reliably mimic cellular activity with nanoscale machines.

+ Other Nanotechnology websites

Biological and Medical Applications

Nanoscale devices may be the key to safely addressing drug delivery challenges, developing faster and remote diagnostics, and enabling novel tissue-engineered products, grafts and implants. All of these represent dramatic new developments with a huge potential for diffusion in the market. The UK is a large user and producer in this field drawing on areas of traditional strength in biology and biochemistry. The UK is internationally strong in pharmaceuticals and medical devices, facilitated by collaborative university/industry research, and has been on the forefront of drug delivery, working with, for example, drug polymer conjugates, nanoparticles and micelles for decades.+ Other Nanotechnology websites

Nanoparticles and Materials

Materials account for about 70% of the GNO of industrialized nations. Nanotechnology provides the opportunity for the creation of almost limitless kinds of novel materials where the elemental structure has been engineered to achieve previously unachievable performance characteristics and functionality. Already there is a large and rapidly growing market for these new materials. The applications of nanomaterials in the UK are largely driven by the aerospace, biomedical and defence sectors. The UK has leading companies in coatings and hard materials, and real strengths in producing nanoparticles, polymers, catalysts and biocompatible materials, supported by an excellent multidisciplinary science base providing much innovative work in this area.

  • Making Products Better, One Nanoparticle at a Time : UK researchers are working to improve a wide range of products梖rom flat-screen displays to sunscreen to decorative glassware梑y adding nanomaterials to the ingredients list.
  • Tiny Nanotubes, Huge Potential : UK researchers are working closely with industry to develop and test polymers that are lighter, stronger, and less costly for a seemingly endless number of uses.

+ Other Nanotechnology websites

Instrumentation and Sensors

Nanotechnology provides the means for a wide range of increasingly sophisticated and complex monitoring systems. The two major drivers in this area will be the health care and security sectors, where nanosensors can satisfy the demand for ever more and complex information needed to monitor a person抯 state of health or provide data on a person抯 identity, agent detection, or asset tracking. Furthermore nanosensors and instrumentation are the necessary enabling technologies for nanotechnology itself. The successful exploitation of nanotechnology depends on the instrumentation and sensing necessary to examine and characterize the effects and quality of nanotechnological devices. Instrumentation and sensors has long been an area of strength for the UK. There are world-class companies operating in many of the areas related to this field and the UK also has areas of world-class research in the underpinning technologies, especially in functional materials, nanofabrication, biomolecular and biomimetic technologies.+ Other Nanotechnology websites

Information and Communications Technology

November 8, 2015
The UK’s ICT sector is internationally recognized and respected for its entrepreneurship and innovation. The UK, for example, has 80% of the leading telecom equipment manufacturers in the world, and those companies employ around 35,000 people and generate approximately $10.6 billion (£5.7 billion) in annual revenue.

The UK telecom industry currently accounts for 5% of the global market with around 7,000 companies. Britain is the second largest consumer market for telecom in Europe, with more than 50 million mobile subscribers (more than 80% of the population), and more than 250 public telecom operators. The UK is an innovative world leader in this sector as well. Vodafone launched the first analog mobile service and the first digital service, and it was the first to offer data, voicemail, and SMS. In addition, the British software industry accounts for around 3% of the UK’s gross domestic product, and 130,000 UK companies operate in this sector, employing more than one million people.


The UK Government has encouraged the use of Wi-Fi via deregulation which has allowed public network operators to use certain parts of the spectrum that are exempt from licensing for Wireless LAN systems. The development of mobile services has been a major UK success. The UK was the first country in Europe to start commercial mobile services (in 1985), and as a result was at the forefront of the development of the now global GSM standard. Some 80% of mobile phones sold worldwide are GSM phones.

  • The Future of Computing: As Small as a Grain of Sand : A consortium of Scottish researchers is working to apply speckled computing—networks of tiny semiconductors that can sense their environment and communicate wirelessly—to all aspects of life.

+ More Information on Wireless in the UK
+ Other Information and Communications Technology websites

Digital Content

The digital content sector in the UK includes publishing, software, web development, graphic design, computer games, and broadcasting. The UK Government works closely with the digital content industries on a range of issues aimed at raising the competitiveness and productivity through policymaking, sharing of knowledge, and promoting innovation and excellence across the sector.+ More Information on Digital Content in the UK
+ Other Information and Communications Technology websites

Chip Design

The UK is ranked No. 1 in Europe for semiconductor design and is home to facilities established by most of the world’s major electronics companies. These design teams develop both standard parts, as wells as design services in ASIC devices. The UK’s particular strength is in the design of RF chips that enabled a number of companies to become world players in advanced telecommunications.

  • Radical Chip Designer Applies a Different Brand of Logic : Having codesigned the world’s best-selling microprocessor, Professor Steve Furber of the University of Manchester is now challenging industry conventions with his research into asynchronous systems.

+ More Information on Chip Design in the UK
+ Other Information and Communications Technology websites

Cognitive Systems and Neural Networks

Cognitive systems and neural networks are recognized by the UK Government as key enabling technologies for the future of all UK industry. The ability to “think” is increasingly built into infrastructure and objects as information processing power becomes a commodity.

  • Putting Human and Machine Heads Together to Fight Crime : A system developed at the University of Edinburgh for world intelligence software leader Memex promises to help police and antiterror experts “connect the dots” to root out crime and overcome terrorism.

+ More Information on Cognitive Systems and Neural Networks in the UK
+ Other Information and Communications Technology websites

The Grid

Grid computing is architecture designed to enable large-scale e-Science through distributed collaborations across the Internet. The UK’s e-Science program is funded by the UK’s Office of Science and Technology and its Department of Trade and Industry and is managed by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council on behalf of all UK research councils. These collaborative scientific enterprises require access to very large data collections, very large scale computing resources and high performance visualization applications.

  • RealityGrid Accelerates Scientific Discovery : Scientists in the UK and Boston are working to build a long-term, flexible toolkit for scientists around the world.

+ More Information on The Grid in the UK
+ Other Information and Communications Technology websites

Space & Planetary Science

November 8, 2015
The UK has taken a unique and targeted approach to space. Rather than viewing the development of space technology as an end in itself, the UK has identified clear scientific and commercial objectives, investing in space for three primary purposes: to expand knowledge in astronomy, planetary, and environmental sciences; to create opportunities for commercial exploitation of satellite systems; and to advance key public services. The UK uses space as a platform for world-class science: to answer questions about the origin of the universe, about the relationship between Earth’s gravity and ocean circulation, and about the evolution of our sun.

The UK is in full partnership with international space organizations such as NASA and ESA on current and future projects such as Cassini-Huygens, Envisat, and Galileo. And in keeping with the Government’s mission, these projects are dedicated to improving the quality of life on Earth and expanding our knowledge of our place in the universe. The UK is also committed to science and engineering in the areas of microsatellites, Earth observation and navigation, and space science and exploration.


Microsatellite technology developed by the UK provides an innovative and low-cost alternative to the more traditional – and more expensive – optical satellites, making it easier to provide wide access to the images generated, increasing the number of people who can see them, and expanding their areas of use. Microsatellite images are currently being used in many remote-sensing applications.

  • On Missions to Space, Size Does Matter : Relatively inexpensive microsatellites from Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL) are proving that bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to unmanned space missions.

+ Other Space & Planetary Science websites

Earth Observation and Navigation Technology

Earth observation satellites can view Earth like no other technology, giving a truly global view with long-term capabilities. UK scientists have developed satellite instruments and data interpretation technology to perform a wide variety of functions including air quality measurements, temperature and substance detectors, and high-resolution measurements used to observe processes responsible for climate change. The UK is at the forefront of these technologies as demonstrated in our involvement in several joint NASA and ESA missions such as Envisat, the most advanced and comprehensive Earth observation satellite ever built.

  • Advancing Space-Based Navigation Systems : Europe’s Galileo project is likely to fuel the development of new—and far more accurate—location-based services.
  • What Satellite Data Reveals about Climate Change : The Earth observation satellite Envisat is providing UK scientists with a wealth of data for understanding the effects of ozone depletion and global warming.

+ Other Space & Planetary Science websites

Space Science and Exploration

UK scientists and engineers play a leading role in many exciting space science missions, which are pushing back the boundaries of our knowledge of our past, present and future, and inspiring generations of scientists and engineers to come to the UK. The UK has a critical role in ESA’s future plans to investigate mysteries of the universe, including taking the lead in the development of the first instrument to hit Saturn’s moon to provide unique data about the physical properties of the surface.

  • Cassini-Huygens: Unraveling the Ringed Planet’s Mysteries : UK-built technology outfitted the Cassini probe and Huygens lander, and UK astronomers are among the international team that will collect and analyze images and other data about Saturn, its rings, and its moons.

+ Other Space & Planetary Science websites